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"Actors’ attitude toward [doing] press is always like, [moaning] ‘Oh, I don’t want to do it. I’m tired. I want to do something else.’ No! Everyone else who worked on that film, all the other people you worked with on that set, who worked just as hard as you, want people to see this movie as much as you do, and want their work seen just as much as you do."

Daniel Radcliffe by Michael Watier for Now Magazine. (x)

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A new batch of posters for Aja's Horns with Daniel Radcliffe.

See our review and the trailers.

The last one, oh my God….

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What If (2014)

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"Embarrassing moments, let me think… Well - I’ve done a bit of dancing now; but whenever you see like a dancing scene in a film that’s in like a club, it’s really weird to do because you don’t have any music. What they’ll do in the beginning is they’ll play 5 seconds of music at the volume that it would be in a club… so that everyone’s dancing to like different songs and different rhythms and everyone’s like making it up in their own head… So that was the closest I got to embarrassment and you can see it on my face"

- Daniel Radcliffe dancing in What If

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Daniel Radcliffe | ‘What If’ Press Tour, Denmark

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What I love when you talk about what you do is just how excited you are about the future as well. We’ve got [What If] now, we’ve got Horns as well and then we’ve got Frankenstein -  

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Daniel Radcliffe |What If’ Apple Store, Regent Street Q&A

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